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About BIG.

A Full-Service, Multifaceted Sports and Talent Agency

BIG represents professional athletes, coaches, and on-air talent. Our services for active players include contract negotiation, career management, and sponsorship. We represent many post-contract players as well, aiding their transition from athlete to legend. Our BIG Legends services include post-play career assistance, branding, and Hall of Fame induction advocacy. BIG also provides consultation services for leagues, teams, and individuals facing complicated and controversial situations. Our method is systematic, confident, and diplomatic.


Bombastic Industries Group (BIG) is a full-service, multifaceted sports and talent agency.  We strive to achieve our clients' unique needs with honesty, integrity, and efficiency.  We have uniquely intimate services and are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fundamental priority is to our players.  This is the foundation of our success.  It is the critical difference between our family and any other agency.  


Our mission is to connect athletes with their goals. No matter the player, we will always enter a contract negotiation with an exhaustive knowledge of pertinent information, such as (but not limited to) various collective bargaining agreements, extensive research on comparable contracts, current rookie salary cap, and the overall salary ceiling for each team.


BIG is home to sports oriented attorneys as well, who are able to structure contracts and sponsorship agreements that not only meet your financial needs, but also minimize your tax burdens. We consult clients on how to achieve longevity and autonomy in the sports industry.


Contract Negotiation

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Negotiating is a strategy; talk is cheap. This isn't the movies. You cannot walk into a negotiation pounding your fist on the table expecting to get results. That is why BIG's combination of experience, intelligence, and education gets proven results.

We have solid working knowledge of the inner-workings of collective bargaining agreements, and we perform extensive research on comparable contracts, current rookie cap, and the overall salary ceiling for each team. We go into negotiations well equipped with the statistical data to negotiate the best possible contract on your behalf. Our team of contract advisors has experience in all aspects of contract negotiation, along with the execution of trades and releases, contract extensions, legal representation of all grievances, hearings, appeals, and collection of severance or termination pay.

BIG is currently licensed to advise contracts in the NFL, CFL, MLB, and NBA.


Marketing and


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We always strive to create marketing opportunities for our clients - from major athletic apparel endorsements, to national/local marketing campaigns, to local appearances and community-based activities.

We have provided many new opportunities for our clients and their families. Our firm has excellent relationships with business and marketing executives, CEO's and the creative teams in all business industries who can help you maximize your public exposure.

The Contract



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You have worked hard your entire life preparing for this moment. You have the unique talent that qualifies you to play at the next level. The difference between you and the rest of the field is your ability, your dedication, your attitude, your preparation, and the support system you have chosen to stand behind you will guide you in this business of playing the game.

Our family will help you prepare both physically and mentally for professional workouts. We will match you with premier speed and strength training programs to increase your performance. We will prepare you for the combine so that you will go in with confidence. You will know exactly what to expect.

We have relationships with the leading combine training facilities. We work with you to select a program that fits you and your goals.




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Whether their professional careers last one season or twenty, athletes must seize the opportunity and impact in the community. In conjunction with our contract advice, we aim to provide sound guidance and insight to help protect the assets athletes each during their careers. At the same time, we work with the same athletes to develop advanced planning strategies and structures to preserve wealth for retirement, fulfill their philanthropic goals, and transition their assets in a tax-efficient manner in the future.

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